Laurène Becquart

Documentary Stories

POM Nature

Version française 

POM Nature (POM stands for Petite Oeuvre Multimedia in french, meaning Small Multimedia Work) is not a project. POM Nature is a concept that enables me to free myself. It is a kind of catharsis. It is a way to distance myself from documentary projects I work on in order not to be entirely consumed by them. It drives my mind away from the projects for a while before I can start to look back at things more calmly.

POM Nature consists of slideshows mixing photos with sound about things and stories that I like and feel comfortable with. It is not a project, it is not documentary, it is more a personal form of meditation, an intimate way of viewing the world, an inward-looking way of finding back myself.

Here is the first POM Nature, “Equus”, that represents my nostalgic, melancholic and soothing encounter with horses, when I walk around countryside and nature. They are living beings I am attached to since my childhood and they continue to cross my life path, randomly (or not ?). That work’s my way of seeing and thanking them.

Dans les embruns
The second video, ‘Dans les embruns’ (lit. ‘In the seaspray’), recounts the path of perceptions and feelings that (re)surface when wandering in the familiar landscapes and ‘root-places’. Misty breaths, rustles, footsteps, cracks, rough pine cones, earthy smell of damp soil and pebbles, abandoned leaves and seasonal drizzles… Those are the small pieces (the ‘seaspray’) of my memory.