Laurène Becquart

Documentary Photography


Version française

Born in France, 1992. Documentary Photographer, Writer, Book Designer.
Currently based in Carcassonne, France, to attend a Documentary Photography and Digital Storytelling course. I graduated from University of Westminter in London (2015-2016) with a Master of Art (MA) in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography and from the Institute of Political Studies in Lille (2011-2016) with a Masters degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE).
I am really interested in telling stories, both through writing and photographing. I mainly focus on long documentary photography essays that deal with social and psychological issues, women’s rights and feminity, gender, youth, intimacy and family.
I am also a regular writer for the online photo media Phototrend.

Exhibitions :

  • Graduation Exhibition (London, August 2016) : “Altered States” is a collective exhibition gathering all the Major Projects of the graduating students. The series “I’ll be there (now, in a minute)” is part of a collaborative project run in Port Talbot (Wales) between May and July 2016.
  • Port Talbot Photo Project Exhibition (Wales, October 2016) : “In the Winds’ Wakes” is an exhibition gathering 12 British and international photographers’ projects about Port Talbot and its community. Fulfilled tasks : curating the show, dealing with logistics (finding location, printing of the works, purchase of displaying boards), promoting the exhibition (press release, media relations, communication on social media).

Features and interviews :

  • Interview with the online media Votre Talent (french), featured on 3 April 2017, regarding the works “Woman Beings”.
  • Interview with BBC Wales (english) by David Grundy, aired on TV on 5 October 2016, regarding the Port Talbot exhibition.
  • Article on BBC News on 6 October 2016.
  • Article on Wales Online by Thomas Deacon on 5 October 2016.
  • Article resharing the press release by A Fine Beginning – Welsh Photography Collective on 22 September 2016.
  • Taking-over of the ZAFP (Zimbabwe Association of Female Photographers) Instagram feed between 23 and 29 May 2017.